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Self Defense for Adults & Teens Are Our Main Focus.
We teach defensive strategies & techniques for rape prevention, personal attacks, home invasion, car invasion and the use of pepper spray, personal-alarms.
Most of all awareness training so you are not in the situation in the first place.
Get Started Right Away With These FREE reports:
  • Things you can do right now to protect yourself and your family.
  • The truths that every martial artist doesn't know about self defense.
If Adult Self Defense and Fitness is what you are looking for you are in the right place. We provide not only Self Defense Classes but Fitness classes as well.

"Easily Trained And Devastatingly Effective Self Defense"



 On personal defense plus home invasion prevention on day 3
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Mr. Walton Has Been An Instructor Since 2002.

Boise Self Defense Company

We Are The Premier Self Defense School In The Treasure Valley.
Providing you with flexible class schedules and real life skills to defend yourself and family from the rising odds of encountering a potentially violent situation.
Although we cannot control the growth or the quality of the people coming to our beautiful city. We can learn to be prepared to deal with not only the assault but more importantly to learn how to function and survive when our body's going through the adrenaline dump produced by fear. That alone can be the difference between life and death.

Instructor Darrin Walton    208-371-9037

We utilize both male and female insturctors to provide a unique real life documented and proven self-defense curriculum for any situation, age, gender or fitness level.
We specialize in women's only classes, small groups (you and a couple friends or you and your children), Teen's only, and Elderly or limited movement classes.
We are not only going to teach you to fend off an attack and escape. We are going to teach you how to minimize being put in the situation of having to defend yourself or family in the first place.

Teaching you and your family real world proven self-defense is what we do best. In an upbeat friendly atmosphere.
Boise Self Defense Company
10338 Fairview Ave Next to Casa Mexico and Harbor Freight at Five Mile
Boise, Idaho 83704

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Boise Area Residents Welcome REAL LIFE Self Defense Program

 Discover How You Can Avoid Becoming a Victim in this

Crash Course in Personal Protection


From the Battlefields to Boise, area residents get a kick out of the cross between World War II & Krav Maga style self defense program.That not only is a very easily learned & effective system but fun and fitness oriented. You will get a great work out while learning to defend yourself.


Instructor Darrin Walton is dedicated to teaching the authentic self defense and close combat, it is the only documented method of self defense proven to work and is easy to learn and put into practice immediately.


As an instructor, Mr. Walton had to under go threat identification, escape and evasion techniques as well impact training and methods of defense.


Students are taught how to identify potential threats, how to avoid the ‘big three’ common mistakes most victims make, the proper use of pepper spray and the authentic military hand-to-hand combat techniques to keep themselves safe.


“It’s a great learning experience and a huge amount of fun,” says Mr. Walton, the course instructor. “We teach useful real-world self defense skills that are really simple and easy to use. Everyone has a good time, and we will dispel many common myths about defending yourself.”


We also offer a seminar course that can be done at your place of business.


We Proudly Use And Train With Mase Products.
pepper spray



self defense classes
We Have Payment Options For Your Convenience.


Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.
eMail Mr. Walton At: darrin"at"boiseselfdefenseco"dot"com
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Boise Self Defense Company Boise, Idaho
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